A bright future

for Colombia

Atrio is a new symbol of Colombia and Bogota. Rising high on the Bogota skyline it signals opportunity and an even brighter future.

An opportunity

for Bogota

This is a special moment for our city.

At a time when Colombia’s full potential is being realised, Atrio’s two towers will provide over 250,000 sq m of state-of-the-art office space, residences and a hotel, public services and retail, and 10,000 sq m of public space for all the people of Bogota.

A vision

for all

A beacon of Bogota

A wealth of public space

The beat

of Bogota



Historias 25 Oct, 2018

La preocupación por el ciclo de vida e impactos de los insumos de construcción asi como incorporación de residuos en nuevos productos marcan el devenir…